Saturday, March 31, 2007

I hope I fixed it

The last few weeks have been very frustrating to get on line, and it has little if anything to do with news, posts, and comments. My IE had created a ghost explorer and was keeping my computer so tied up that I wanted to throw it out the window into the street below. I tried to install IE7 a couple of weeks ago and wound up in a loop that I couldn't get out of. Today I totally disabled IE6 and tried again with IE7. So far so good.

Maybe now I can spend a bit more time on line.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sometimes Old Memories Are Still Good

I wrote some time ago of old movies that I liked as a teenager, but at lost something when viewed as an adult. It seems some of the magic goes away as time goes on, but I just got done watching another movie I loved as a teenager, one I hadn't seen in years, and I still loved it.

It was an old spaghetti western/comedy called They Call Me Trinity. It is basically a send up on every old western cliche' in the book and is actually quite funny to some people, like me for example. Yeah the Mexican bandito is a bit over the top and maybe overly stereotyped, but it works perfectly in this movie.

It's the first of a short series of movies featuring a pair of brothers, Trinity (smart and a charmer of the lady's) and Bambino (Stronger than an ox but not quite as bright), who set out to be villains in the stories but always get sidetracked and wind up being heros as they wind up dealing with real villains who are far nastier, but nowhere near as competent, and in their efforts to be bad guys wind up saving people. They have a reputation as being the "left and right hand of the devil" and often wind up playing Robin Hood roles.

They are both such dead shots and deadly fist fighters that it makes the bad guys' heads spin. It's hard to explain the humor, and some of it is dark humor, but it suprised me when I watched and enjoyed it as much as I did when I first saw it when I was 14. There were 3 official Trinity movies and a 4th one made by a different studio, using the same actors in identical characters but never naming them.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

John Doe

Are you John Doe?

or are you Jane Doe?

I am.

To the commentor Abdullah in the link above.

You will find out who the losers are when the Son of God returns.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nothing Personal

There are people I simply refuse to talk politics with. It has nothing to do with their beliefs as I frequently have long conversations with people who both agree and disagree, or some mixture thereof with me. And some of the people I will not discuss them with are very close to my beliefs.

The problem is:

They take other people's political beliefs personally.

Christians often use the terms "Hate the sin, love the sinner" and it's one of our core principles for dealing with non-Christians and badly flawed believers. We need a similar way to deal with politics, along the lines "Hate the belief, not the believer."

There are liberals that I personally like and conservatives I would rather not deal with, but I have encountered people at both ends of the political spectrum who consider people evil because they disagree with them. Now I have fairly strong political beliefs but I realize there are decent people who disagree with me and some very disagreeable people who do agree with me.

This came from a non-conversation with a person who dislikes people simply from their party affiliation who is only vaguely aware of mine. I just watched him demonize other people, whom he has never met, simply because of their party belief. (And he was a GOP himself.)

Now I may not agree with what, say Hillary Clinton believes, but if I had to risk my life to save hers I would not hesitate. It's not about political beliefs. It's about human values that should transcend politics.

Update: I think I need to clarify. There are people who are simply evil, no questions asked. As far terrorist acts go, I would not hesitate to kill someone I knew was going to kill others as it would save innocent lives.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Not Just a Religion Thing.

When a group forms to encourage abstinence most people, including myself, assume it's a relgious group. It was with pleasure that I read of secular groups that are also concerned about casual sex.

It cheapens sex and makes love more difficult.

Besides I have yet to hear of anyone dying from or taken to the emergency room because of horniness.

Furthermore, even the famous atheist Sigmund Freud realized that suppressed libido can help stimulate creativity. Perhaps that's why so many great works of art were made in the past.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Granholm Starts Making Cuts

With a proposed new tax defeated in the State Senate, Gov. Granholm now has to find other ways to reduce the deficit. She has ordered $344 Million in cuts which is just over a third of the deficit. It's not what she wanted to do but it is what she has to do, and in all honesty, what the state needs to do.

Now some of the programs she is cutting are important and it will hurt. I am sure we are going to hear a lot more about day care for the poor getting its budget cut. It's already started.

Sen. Irma Clarke-Coleman, D-Detroit, chided the Republicans for their vote at a time when Detroit is closing dozens of schools, and most school districts have already spent the money the state had earlier promised them.
"These disgusting cuts paint a grim picture for Michigan," she said during debate. "How dare we sit here and cut our children to the bone. Shame, shame on all of you."

I am truly sorry Senator Clarke-Coleman but it's called reality and dreams must often bow to that. The money you are looking for is not there and you shouldn't spend what you don't have. The state budget comes from tax dollars, taxes come from income, most income comes from private businesses, and in case you haven't noticed, businesses are fleeing this state in droves and new ones refuse to come. We will not reverse this until we make this state friendlier to business and investment which means we need to cut taxes and make hard choices. It's suffer now or suffer even more later. The picture of Michigan is already grim and taxes will only make it worse. What good is daycare if there are no jobs for the poor?

I suppose we could call up the national guard and put them around businesses and prevent them from leaving, but somehow I don't think that will work too well. We have no choice but to cut spending and it has to come from somewhere. I am sorry but that's how it is.

Reality: A bunch of brutal facts destroying a beautiful theory.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things I learned from Civilization III

I hate to admit it but I am a Civ III junkie. What amazes me is how these fantasy worlds work.

1. France has declared war on me more than other nation. When was the last time France declared war except as part of a broad coalition?

2. I have been taught the wheel and the alphabet by the Cherokee, Inca and Inuit peoples. All of them were great peoples but they never developed these.

3. Gold is everywhere just laying on the ground, but Iron, that is very rare and found only in a few select places.

4. I have seen aircraft carriers sunk by ancient galleys using arrows to attack it.

5. A lone barbarian armed only with a stone hammer sees a column of tanks and will immediately and suicidally attack.

6. Hiring a jester or a minstrel will stop a riot.

7. India, led by Mahatma Gandhi has attacked me for no reason at all. I could picture that happening.

It's so much like the real thing.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Site to Examine

I appreciate honesty even if I disagree with the person.

I was led by a commenter at Jihad Watch to a site written by a Muslim listing and explaining some things that are forbiden (or haram) by Islam.

Some haram items:

Shaving your beard:
Many scholars have stated that shaving the beard is Tagyeeru Khalqillah (changing the creation of Allah). Allah mentions in the Holy Quran the promise of Satan, “Indeed I will order them (Mankind) to change the nature created by Allah” (4:119). In effect, the one who shaves his beard is obeying Satan. The great Caliph Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz would say, “Shaving the beard is Muthlah (mutilation). Verily the Prophet has prohibited Muthlah”. A similar verdict has also been narrated from the great Imam of Madina Munawwarah, Imam Malik.

Chess !?!?
The playing of chess is Haraam. If the playing of chess is accompanied by gambling than its prohibition is unanimous. If it is played without gambling then there is a difference of opinion in its prohibition. Where Allah Ta’aala declared alcohol and gambling as forbidden, he explained the reason for this prohibition. Allah says in the holy Quran that Shaytan desires to create an ill feeling amongst you. He desires to create hatred among you, and to direct your attention from Salaat and Allah Taa’las remembrance. So wherever this is present, the prohibition will come into force, and that practice will become Haraam. All are aware of the degree of absorption in these games.
Absorption in this game (chess) is so much, that we seek the protection of Allah Ta’ala. The truth of the matter is that when someone becomes rooted in some practice and this practice penetrates his very blood and veins, then until
death it remains overpowering, and in this very practice a man finally dies.

And a number of other interesting items.Now admittedly some of them do make sense but in these areas they are merely repeating commands that God really did give.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The year was 1957

In 1957 (the year you were born)

Dwight Eisenhower is president of the US


First civil rights bill since Reconstruction to protect blacks' voting rights is approved by Congress

Too Bad It took so long

Hurricane "Audrey" destroys Cameron, Louisiana killing 390 people

Must have been global warming, or was it cooling then?

National Guardsmen bar nine black students from entering previously all white Central High School in Little Rock

And Slick Willy wasn't there to help them . . .

Russians launch Sputnik I, first earth orbiting satellite

I knew about this one.

The FBI arrests Jimmy Hoffa and charges him with bribery

Typical Union boss; most are just like him.

Vanna White, Osama bin Laden, Sid Vicious, and Melanie Griffith are born

I'll own up to Vanna White, the rest are . . .

Milwaukee Brewers win World Series

Actually it was the Milwaukee BRAVES.

Detroit Lions win NFL championship

They were winners at one time.

Montreal Canadiens win Stanley Cup

Some things rarely change.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac is published

Never heard of it.

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss is published

That I know.

Update : I forgot to give a Hattip to Gawfer. It was an inexcusable oversight and I do apologize.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Are They a Hate Group?

An Michigan State University group, the MSU Young Americans for Freedom, has been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC's reasoning is what bothers me in that anyone who questions the legitimacy of an idea is deemed to be a hater. Is the Christian Church a hate group when it preaches out of the Bible and presents ideas that are politically incorrect? Is a preacher of the largely black Church of God in Christ denomination a hate-monger when he calls homosexual behavior sin?

I found the 2005 SPLC hate group listing and I noticed that they did include Black Seperatists as hate groups which pleased me. But where are groups like LaRaza and Islamic groups?

Also I have seen certain militant feminists, some gay groups like ACT-UP, the Animal Liberation Front etc who are just as destructive and hateful as any right-wing group. Don't they worry about these hate groups as well or are Politically Correct hate groups given a pass?

Now What?

A few months ago Peace Moonbeam, a humorous blogger, wrote a series of posts about her totally inept boyfriend becoming a Muslim and using an airport bus as a device of terror against her. (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) The story is quite comical and I became a regular reader of her because of it. One can always use a laugh.

But reality is all too often not humorous and what seems foolish to us seems plausible and becomes dangerous in minds of some.

The FBI and Homeland Security have alerted the nation's local police forces that "unnamed extremist groups" are applying for jobs as school bus drivers, but also assure them that there is no danger from this. (They are merely being advised out of an "abundance of caution".

If a terrorist plot is aimed at American Children, God help them afterwards.

H/T Jihad Watch.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Detroit _ The State of the City Address.

Detroit is more than an hour away from me by car and most of the time it seems like it's much farther away than that. It seems to rarely impact my life in anyway but in reality it does. Detroit's size alone makes it a "bull in a china-shop" when it comes to the politics and economics of this state. Its numbers make it almost 10% of the state's population and is overwhelmingly union and Democratic. It is also both an economic engine and sink-hole. As goes Detroit, sadly all too often, so goes the state.

That means that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's State of the City Address has relevence even as far away as I live.

Now he did say some very good things:

"We have come to a point in our community where this is no outside conspiracy doing this to us," he said in a State of the City address to a ticketed audience of about 2,200 at the Max M. Fisher Music Center.
"This is us killing us. This is mostly African-Americans killing African-Americans and we, as a community, have to stop it now. Nobody's coming to save us."

He is right. Many point out that the majority of convicts in black and that it is a scandal, but part of the scandal is that the vast majority of their victims are also black. If any community is going to be prosperous it needs to be safe and if the people of Detroit are not safe in their own neighborhoods, who is going to be? A safe and prosperous Detroit would make the whole state of Michigan a better place.

He also talks about neighborhoods. Now I think a neighborhood's quality depends as much or more on the people who live there as it does the mayor of any city. A good police force and good schools help, but so do well kept homes and shops and simple courtesy towards neighbors and strangers alike.

As important, in fact critical is his decision not to raise taxes. He speaks of a One Billion Dollar bond issue instead. That will create a short term debt by the city but will give them, currently unavailable, capital to make the improvements the city needs.

It was full of good words and ideas. Now we need to see if the Mayor has the backing and backbone to do it. My wellbeing depends on that city.

Update: Forgot the link. Here it is.


Monday, March 12, 2007

You need to see this

If you have the time, this is a very good way to spend it. (1 hour 15 min)

The Global Warming Swindle

Thanks to an Annonymous comment for directing me to this.

It is very scientific, well documented, and offers a much better source of our global climate than man.

That big yellow thing in the sky. Our temperatures are more closely linked to the sun's magnetic field than any other source.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Got ready for church this morning and decided to check my e-mail. 1 hour later than I thought it was; after no fewer than 4 people reminded me I still forgot. Church had already started.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Not Pollution __ It's Allah

Global warming, drought, etc. all caused by careless human activity right?


It's from Allah as a punishment for disbelief.


Why have so many major natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis etc.) happened in faithful Islamic territories? Wouldn't Allah want them to happen in the countries of unbelievers?

Just asking.

H/T Jihad Watch

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The People Have Spoken--Ignore Them!

So Michigan has banned Affirmative Action. It is now forbidden by Constitution.

What does the state's Civil Rights Commision do.

Find out how to best implement it?

Oh No!!!! Mustn't do that.

They found a little loophole, Federal funding, that they can use to maintain it. So they go after federal funds so they can get more money and maintain their quest for "diversity". They call it win-win.

If the unelected bureaucrats are determined to do something, they will find a way. I think they are more of a problem than the elected ones are.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Searching for Something

I am having a problem with my computer at the moment. Something is eating up my RAM and processing capacity. I have both anti-virus and anti-spyware as well as a Windows Maintainance program all of which say nothing is there but my computer is constantly working on something. My RAM fills up and empties every few minutes.

I once found a shareware program that allowed me to see what programs are running and how much capacity they are using. I found it at Tucows and it was quite useful but I have not been able to find it since. Does anyone know of a software that will allow you to monitor the programs your computer is running (including hidden ones) at any given time?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mercy is Difficult at Times.

We may have a pecking order of what kinds of crimes are the worst and what kinds of criminal is the lowest of the low. Most would agree that one who would kill a child, especially their own, is not fit to be called human but, in my book, a man who would murder his wife is right behind him.

You don't want to believe that guy did it because it is so far removed from anything you believe you would do. It was just too horrible to picture what a "man" could do to his own wife.

One is tempted to be flippant in how the man should be punished. One co-worker suggested that he be hacked apart just like he did his wife and see how many pieces they could cut him into before he died. I understand the sentiment but if he is to be executed, let's not do it in a way that would make us no better than him. (He won't be executed - - Michigan has not allowed the death penalty since it became a state.)

And then all this about him wandering around in the snow without shoes or a coat on as he hid from authorities and needing to be treated for severe frostbite after he was caught. Does he think he has a chance for an insanity plea?

One of the best arguments about insanity as a plea for murder was given by Robert Heinlein in the book Starship Troopers. He said that a man who was crazy enough to kill needed to be put down for the safety of those around him. If he was crazy then the only sign that he had been cured of his insanity is when he is incapable of living with what he did and he kills himself. If he doesn't feel compelled to kill himself for what he did, then he still isn't sane.

What this person did to his wife was not the work of a sane man, but a person who had a lot in common with a rabid dog.

May God show him mercy because right now I am having difficulty with it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Been Gone A Couple Days

My oldest niece was married last night so I have been busier than I thought I would be the last couple of days.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

China Doesn't Like Me

Our friend over at Born Again Redneck has a posting that leads to a site that allows you to see if your website is blocked in China.

Mine is!!!!!

I probably upset them way back when I posted this almost a year and a half ago.

Pictures Beyond Shocking.